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Hope And Healing For Family Law Clients

No marriage dissolution, custody, domestic support or community property matter is pleasant. Nobody wants to be navigating these weighty legal issues.

At Aguillard Law, our attorneys understand the struggles you’re facing. Here, you will find dedicated advocates who care about you as a person, not just as a case. They will skillfully manage all aspects of the legal issues you are facing, working diligently to help you obtain a favorable outcome so that you can move past the challenges you’re facing and find true healing.

Family Law Concerns

Our team addresses all manner of family law issues in Louisiana, including:

  • Divorce (marriage dissolution): Our attorneys handle divorces involving both traditional and covenant marriages.
  • Property division: They can address the many nuances of community property division in your case.
  • Child custody: Children are often most impacted by divorce or separation. Our lawyers can help you ensure that their best interests are protected when addressing custody and visitation issues.
  • Men’s and fathers’ rights: This is an area that our team is passionate about, and one of our lawyers is involved in a men’s rights podcast.
  • Domestic abuse: Our attorneys handle both criminal and noncriminal aspects of domestic violence allegations.

Vast Legal And Life Experience

Our lawyers have more than 55 combined years of practicing law. Additionally, they have significant experience that isn’t taught in law school. The wisdom that they have gained by navigating difficult life circumstances translates to insight and wisdom that they pass on to our clients.

Our attorneys’ knowledge encompasses more than just the law. They also know how to address the nonlegal components of divorce, custody and other family law issues.

Navigating Domestic Abuse Allegations

These allegations can have a significant impact on custody outcomes, particularly when they escalate to criminal charges. Those accused of domestic violence have a right to a hearing, called a Gwen’s Law hearing, to obtain bail. Even in noncriminal cases, accusers may attempt to seek restraining orders, which can drastically impact your freedom and custody rights.

Our attorneys provide vigorous representation for those facing false or exaggerated allegations of domestic abuse.

Discuss Your Family Law Concerns With A Trusted Lawyer

We are here for you when family struggles upend your life. We invite you to discuss your family law concerns with a member of our team. Please call our office in Eunice at 337-457-9331 or send us an email.